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While you may place your logo and name on a card for branding purposes, it is not the only way to build customer loyalty with prepaid card programs.


Implementation of advanced prepaid cards and payment processing technology has re-designed the payment process of governmental agencies.


Examples of this type of service are – transfer of electronic funds, bank deposits, direct deposits, payment processors, digital currencies and co-branded cards.

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white-label-smA White-Label Issuing Platform For Banks

We offer white-label issuing services and platforms to financial and corporate institutions.

regulatory-smRegulatory and Licensing

A wide range to those accociated with regulated businesses and not only

technology-smTechnology in Payment Processing

The payment processing business of today is solely dependent on technology.

 Arbitration is a settlement strategy which has been implemented since 1795. It first started out as a peace treaty between America and Great Britain. Now, this strategy is used to find mutual settlement during disputes between individuals, or families with co-branded card programs. Companies also use the arbitration method in order to solve any disputes through arbitration administered institutions, like Morgan Advocates.

 The majority of the world’s payment processing prepaid card programs and services are provided by our company which makes us the number one provider where payment processing solutions and programs meet on one platform. Financial institutions, banks, credit unions, retailers, and other card issuers can take advantage of our services.

 Debt collection is conducted by individuals, companies or entities who collect money from the other individuals, entities, and/or companies who owe them money. It is not necessary that the money with prepaid debit card borrowed is to be returned in the form of cash though. It can be paid back in any form as long as the other party is satisfied.